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Knowledge is power, really, it's power for birth. The more you know, the more you meditate, the more you breath, the more fearless you can be!

Birth isn't something we do everyday, nor is it something many of us have seen in normal settings. 

The process of birth is totally normal. The more you affirm that, the more normal it becomes.

Yoga and meditation, help us to see inside, gain insight. They also help us to manage and cope through stress, pain, fear, frustration, joy, excitement, anxiety; all the things. 

New feelings, emotions, and sensations arise during birth, practice and learn how can you walk through them fearlessly, and with presence. 

Meditative Labor

Learn tools from Buddhist style meditation to prepare you (and a birth partner) for a better labor, postpartum period, and beyond! In this 4 week series, we will learn and practice vipassana, or insight meditation, and develop a home meditation practice to support and empower our experience during birth. This particular style of meditation is ideal for birth because the focus is on the body and breath. Together we will practice presence, develop mindfulness, and work with sensation, which will allow you to rethink pain, and the experience of pain (and other body based sensations). Cultivate equanimity, the ability to be ok with what is, and non judgement, of self, and situation. The tools from this course will allow you to better navigate the unexpected twists and turns that are inevitable parts of every birth experience, no matter how that experience looks!

4 week series, beginning the first Thursday of every month


The Well,  

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