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One on One Private Education and Consultation for

those without a doula

those with a doula looking for additional education

those who don't know where to start

second and subsequent babies as a refresher

those who do know what they want

and more! 


Let's Write a Birth Plan!

a two hour private, virtual session for you and your birth partner(s)

What will you learn?

How labor progresses and how to distinguish stages of labor.

How to know when to go to the hospital based on what kind of birth you are looking to have.

How to understand if your medical provider or birth location will support your birth goals, and wishes.

Guidance on speaking to your provider to make the most of your appointments.

What options are available during labor.

How can we most effectively use pain management. (epidural, medications, nitrous, etc.)

An understanding of common medical terminology you may hear, and what those terms mean.

Understanding of induction and cesarean.


and of course time to answer your questions

PLUS: an editable birth plan document based on what we discuss together. 

includes all taxes and service fees

Equity Fund

10% of revenue from classes and private consultation goes directly into the hands of BIPOC, Queer, and disabled community birth workers. 

Why? Because birth workers representing marginalized communities know how to best take care of members of their community, and themselves. 

These funds go to local doulas caring for local birthing people, midwifery funds, mutual aid requests, and projects geared towards birthing people and their families. 

If you would like to contribute funds or for a referral on where to contribute funds reach out via email.

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