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An intimate digital support community of new parents looking for like-minded progressive community based in

Washington, DC

Is this group exactly what you need now?

The  {Postpartum} Collective

We are now the Postpartum Collective - 
To sign up -

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We are a group of DC area based humans who have given birth, or adopted a baby within the the last 6 months.

We are inclusive, anti-racist group- trying to parent and live mindfully.

We strive to hold ourselves with less judgement and more care - while diving deep into topics surrounding parenthood and society.

Closeup portrait of asian happy baby wra

We are a group of DMV parents who value:

"Balance and curiosity"

"Respect for individual parenting choices"

"Affirming spaces"

"Thoughtfulness, and open-mindedness"


Facilitator Katie Baxter


has been a birth and postpartum doula in the DC area since 2017. And prior to that an infant nanny.

Katie is a skilled circle facilitator, with experience in conflict resolution and mediation,

who uses tools from her ongoing study of nonviolent communication (NVC), and Restorative Justice to hold collaborative, community guided spaces.

Your membership includes-


Do you believe that your experience becoming a parent is powerful, and are dedicated to dramatic healing and life shifts, and are looking for community that shares your values?

Expert Advice

Are you overwhelmed by the black hole of internet parenting advice, not to mention advice from friends, family, coworkers and everyone else?

Energy Management

Do you feel frustrated, afraid, anxious, or inadequate when your baby cries and screams?


Does getting out of the house with all the gear, and then hoping feedings and diapers work seamlessly feel daunting?


Weekly Group

Call + Community

Down to earth support, guidance, care, and connection. Make real, lasting friendships with like-minded, kind, and supportive new parents.


Safe for all levels, a space to move, connect, and honor your body. A time conscious, and flexible session, babies welcome, recorded for those who want to check it out later.

Monthly bonus call

With an expert in our community!

We have welcomed sleep specialists, pelvic floor PTs, acupuncturists, and others to give you valuable support during your postpartum time.




Join your partner for an afternoon of connecting, and giving space for their experiences to be affirmed, and validated. 

What Participants are Saying:

I thoroughly enjoyed my time participating in Katie's Postpartum Circle. As a second-time around parent, I still found this weekly group to be beneficial. It wasn't just about baby-centered advice--although Katie has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share--but it was more so a safe space to work through the feelings and experiences that come with having a new baby.


I appreciated that after someone shared a thought or their highs and lows from the week, Katie would first ask if that person wanted reflection or to hear from others before opening up the discussion. She has a tremendous gift for holding space, respecting where people are at, and giving advice in a non-judgemental way. In those early weeks and months postpartum, my participation in Katie's Postpartum Circle set a great foundation of emotional processing, moving into parenting now two children with a little more grace, self-forgiveness, and overall confidence.

Kaitlin A.

This group has been so supportive during this challenging time of being a new parent during Covid. It's been wonderful to be truly heard and supported, as well as share ideas and do yoga. My husband and I have really appreciated having Katie in our lives this year! 

Betsy H.


Month to month membership:


Commit and be Rewarded!

$400/ 3 months


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