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Communal Wisdom {Prenatal} Collective

Intimate, digital support sessions for pregnant people looking for a space to connect cultivate community.

We have been waiting for you - join us!

A safe space to share, and practice yoga - to acknowledge, release, and surrender, preparing for birth. 

Saturdays 1:00-2:30 EST

Weekly Drop-in:


Month to month membership:


*for those affected financially by the current global pandemic -

please pay as you can

As a birth doula, yoga teacher, and circle facilitator, I guide groups through conversation, and practices that I've seen create real results for my clients during labor, and into postpartum

Join us to share, create, connect, build stregth and resiliance, and breathe.

Join us Now!

Pay as you can option donate here:

($1-19 per session)

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