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Prenatal Yoga in Herndon

This class has been postponed until further notice. For my up to date weekly schedule please visit: Classes and Workshops.


There's a prenatal yoga class, in Herndon, Virginia, starting February 7, 2018 which ended May, 2018. The information below on the benefits of prenatal yoga are still relevant, so please enjoy my post below!

Are you pregnant? Then I'm sure that there's someone in your life, whether it's your sister, best friend, or even doctor, who has suggested you take a prenatal yoga class. Or maybe, you are already a yoga practitioner looking to keep up your practice, but are looking to tailor your practice towards your changing body.

Or maybe you simply want time for yourself in a space where you aren't judged, and are encouraged to trust your body, and connect with others who are on their own journey through pregnancy.

Then this is the class for you!

Why do so many people start a yoga practice while pregnant? Well, the practice and philosophy of yoga goes hand in hand with pregnancy. Yoga helps us to calm our minds, observe physical sensation and emotions, and become aware of the subtleties of the body. Yoga helps us to open and expand where we are tight, and strengthen where we are weak. Yoga teaches us to breath into pain and discomfort, allowing us to better cope with whatever life brings our way, and to be present in every moment, especially the joyful ones.

Pregnancy as a spiritual journey-

Those who practice yoga or meditation often see pregnancy as a spiritual journey. One that can allow us to learn more about ourselves, work through emotions, tendencies, and behavior patters, and make us strong, yet compassionate.

Why should you practice in Herndon with Katie?

I am a birth and postapartum doula, who is also a yoga teacher, and healing bodyworker. During my prenatal yoga teacher training in DC, I was assigned the task of attending local prenatal yoga classes, and realized, there weren't many in the Herndon/Reston area! Of course we have a few local, established teachers, teaching in the traditional studios, but I wanted to add another time, and option outside the studio setting.

Affordable prenatal yoga in Herndon-

Sometimes a studio can be expensive, and intimidating, so I am teaching in a more intimate setting, it'll be just you, me, and the other pregnant yogis. I am offering affordable rates, at $12 a class if you buy the $60 4-class package.

The goal of prenatal yoga is to prepare for childbirth, and the postpartum period-

Each class will be different but we will cover the following topics and ideas:

Breathing and meditation techniques what will help you during labor

Strengthening poses and a sustained discomfort practice

Deep core and pelvic floor engagement and strengthening

A space for body exploration, learning how to engage and release at the same time

Relaxation for a busy mind and body

Connection between the mind, body, and spirit

Connection with body and baby

and more!

A great opportunity to meet and connect.

If you come to this prenatal yoga class in Herndon, you will meet others who are local and expecting. One of the intentions of this class is to foster community and support for pregnant women, because sometimes we have questions, and sometimes pregnancy is just plain hard, so let's create a network of compassionate, listening ears.

Questions - Reach out to Katie at

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