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Are you feeling overwhelmed by information?
Don't know what you don't know?
Unsure what might actually happen at your birth facility?

Let's Write a Birth Plan!

A birth plan is less of a plan, and more of an opportunity for you to explore your options, name your preferences, and have ongoing conversations with medical providers, making the most of your appointments.

Work 1:1 with me to talk through what you can expect during the different stages of labor, how to determine when to go to the hospital, or place of birth, and what your choices are when you get there. I'll provide you with honest experience driven evidence-based pros and cons of nuanced birth choices. 

I listen to what you want for your birth, and we talk about how we can make that happen!

Come with questions and leave with a 1 page, editable document created for your birth based on our conversation.

Calm Lake

This Class is For:

those without a doula

those with a doula looking for additional education

those who don't know where to start

second and subsequent babies as a refresher

those who do know what they want

and more! 

Still not sure if this is for you? Reach out and ask questions!

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As an active doula attending births at local DC, Maryland, and Virginia hospitals, birth centers, and homes, I can give you up to date information on your medical providers and your birth facilities common practices. 

I have 5 years of experience as a full time birth and postpartum doula, and feel that it is important that families have accessible guidance on their birth experience whether or not they have hired a birth doula or not.

2 Hour Private Session

for you and your birth partner

Clear understanding of how labor progresses and how to distinguish stages of labor.

How to know when to go to the hospital.

Feedback on choosing providers to support your birth goals.

What options are available during labor?

How can we most effectively use pain management (epidural, medications, nitrous, etc.)

An understanding of common medical terminology you may hear, and what those terms mean.

Understanding of induction and cesarean.

Further questions to continue conversation with medical providers.

Postpartum 201 Education

A one on one deeper dive into postpartum planning, basic baby care, feeding education, (nursing, bottles, pumps, etc.), registry review, how to navigate infant care information, how to choose a pediatrician, and of course, space for all of your questions.

2 hours

$200 - virtual

$250 - in home

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