Everything feels different but

you are resilient 

and I'm still here for you - now and always

It's my priority to keep you safe 

To provide you with education and up to date information,

and top notch birth and postpartum education,

So you are prepared for whatever comes your way, 

But also to help you  process emotions, sit with fears, and shift mindsets - to embody the nature of

impermanence and deep acceptance no matter what,

And coach you on tools that can support you now, during labor, and for life. 

Virtual Birth Doula

Two 3-4 hour live education sessions including meditation and breathing tools

Phone/Email Support leading up to birth every step of the way


Virtual Support during labor

Postpartum Support/Breastfeeding tips for the first week of baby's life


in the case in person support becomes possible my standard rate is 


Postpartum Support

Virtual Support:

Video Support to help trouble shoot and simply your life

Guided meditations for grounding

Partner support and coaching on life with baby

$45/ 30 minutes

$80/ 1 hour


In Person Support:

I am only supporting one family at a time (unless all parties agree otherwise), and am quarantined at home during times not spent with your family. 

$45/day hours

$50/night hours

Virtual Private Education

Custom to your family's needs:

Birth Education

Postpartum Planning

Baby Care and

Breastfeeding Basics 

Nursery Setup

Meditation and Breathing

Prenatal Yoga

Mindset Coaching


What Clients Say

Katie helped me regularly during the first month of my son's life - I don't know how I would have survived without her! Haven H.

Katie has a soft and soothing demeanor, but is still a strong and kind person to have on your birth team.

Bryanne B.

From the moment Katie joined us at the hospital she brought a sense of calm and confidence. 

Lee Ann G.


I Believe in Equity

7% of my rate goes directly into the hands of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color doing birthwork in their communities.


If you want to support my equity fund beyond rate paid please let me know!

How can I Support your Story?

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