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An intuit with the body, [Katie] listened and responded to what my body needed through Thai massage. I felt wonderful during and after! I also go to a women's circle she organizes and it is a wonderful space she's created for women to be in community and love. Katie is a very special person!

Farrell Tapscott - Herndon, Virginia

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I was 5 months pregnant and beginning to feel the aches and pains associated as my body began to make room for my special delivery. I found Katie through a friend and decided to give Thai massage a try. It was such an incredible experience. Katie's energy made me feel comfortable and relaxed right away. The mood was very tranquil and peaceful with music and incense. Katie was gentle and knew exactly how to help my body feel rejuvenated. I felt more connected to my body and baby than I had ever felt. Katie really takes the time to personalize each session and give exactly what your unique body needs to restore. I will be going back for post baby recovery sessions soon. Thank you Katie!

Holly - Vienna, Virginia


I worked with Katie on my website content. I had few people working on it and it was pretty good but Katie really turned it around in a way that my website really reflected who I was and what my business was about. She was really patient, understanding and extremely knowledgeable. She was outstanding with her research etc. I am extremely grateful for all your time and help.

Damien Massias - London, England


I met Katie in Amman Jordan. She led many Yoga sessions for a group of friends with different expertise in Yoga (I was the least one with experience!) However, Katie did an amazing job in giving each of us different levels of difficulty while maintaining a smooth flow. She taught me new moves and helped me increase my flexibility very quickly. Katie was very generous with her attention and positive energy during the sessions. We were lucky one night to witness a full-moon rise from a high rooftop overlooking Amman's hills, I will never forget that celestial experience. Katie is an absolutely wonderful mentor and I'm looking forward to when we are at the same place again so I can take more sessions with her - highly recommended.

Ali - Amman, Jordan


Katie is a wonderful Thai massage practitioner. It was my first time experiencing Thai massage and I was a little nervous and unsure what to expect. But now I can tell you, the experience was absolutely riveting! During the massage, I fell into a meditative trance. Not only was I receiving a massage which was extremely pleasurable, but it was also energetically healing and mentally relaxing. I highly recommend Katie!

Julia - Silver Spring, Maryland

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