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Doula Services

Pregnant Woman in Nature

Encouraging Your Process

Birth Doula

From our initial meeting all the way through your pregnancy and birth, I take the time to get to know you, your concerns and your needs. I’m always available to contact by phone/email throughout your pregnancy until I join you at your chosen location for labor, and birth.

I would be honored to be a member of your birth team! 

Read more about how I can support you and your family, and set up a free consultation with me! 




It Takes a Village

Postpartum Doula

Traditionally, those who gave birth had a full communal support team after the birth of their child. But as a reality of our culture today, we are often lacking this network, and new parents are left to care for the newborn and for themselves without assistance. I am here to help take care of you, as you welcome baby home! As a nanny in the DC area for over 10 years, I have added expertise through the stages of infancy, and plenty of wisdom that I have picked up from those I have worked with over the years to share with you and your family.   

Hourly Rate - $45-50/hour

Offerings: Service

Yoga and Thai Bodywork


Relax and Meditate

Thai Bodywork

Thai Yoga Bodywork is an energetic healing massage stemming from Eastern philosophy.
The treatment is suitable for most bodies, including pre- and postnatal.

Treatment includes consultation, and session. 

$120/60 minutes 

$150/90 minutes

$200/90 minutes with heated herbal compresses

$175/90 minutes pre- and postnatal


Buddha Statue

Yoga for Your Body

Private Yoga Instruction

Personal private individual, couples, and group classes. I teach hatha style, and Buddhist meditation. We will start with a free consultation by phone or in person to discuss your desired outcomes and goals.

$100/ 75 Minute Class

$150/60 Minutes of Yoga + 30 Minutes Thai Bodywork 

Pre- and postnatal welcome. 

Couples and small groups welcome. 

Offerings: Service

Vegan Cooking


Hungry for Health?

Private Vegan Chef

Whether it's a fancy dinner party, a birthday party, or for you and your partner in your home as a postpartum doula, I love to cook, and make delicious, nutritious, plant based food! 


Since 2014, I have authored a vegan food and travel blog, showcasing my homemade recipes and food, inspired by the world we live in. No longer a blog, but living on through instagram: @worldwidevegetarian.


Pricing varies, depending on needs; please contact me for more information. Fresh and pre-prepared frozen meals or meal prep are included with your postpartum doula service.


Crowd Pleasing Vegan Meals

Retreat Cooking

I often find myself in kitchens during my travels, cooking for yoga retreats, or in communities. I have mastered the art of cooking for a crowd, with a budget, and a schedule. I thrive when managing the kitchen, but I also enjoy working on an established team as well. 

I am a private vegan chef, and the author of a vegan recipe and travel blog- check out the link to your left for my personal recipes, tips, and expertise.

I have cooked and assisted in many centers around the world, and can provide references and details upon request. Salary varies, based on needs, and I am also open to service or exchange oppurtunties. 

Offerings: Service

Digital Marketing Services

Student Behind the Books

Content is King

Web Marketing Content

Don't like to write? That's quite alright, because I do! 

Let me ask you something:

Did you read some of my site? Did you like it?

Well, who cares if you liked it, you read it to this point, which is exactly what I wanted (insert evil laugh here), because, it helps me rank higher on Google. The Google algorithm bots feed on several things, and if you give them tasty treats, they will favor your site.


So, to rank higher on Google, you need content that makes people want to stay a little while and read.

And if my website content was interesting enough for you to read, I can write about any topic in the same captivating, humorous, enticing way.

Plus, you need content that makes conversions and picks up tactical SEO keywords. 

I have helped companies around the world on content based marketing, to grow their web presence, and engage their target audience.

Please contact me for samples and pricing.  

Typing on a Typewriter

Craft your Brand

Website Design and Social Media Mentorship

I've built two gorgeous, if I may say so myself, websites for myself from scratch, and no, it's not as easy as some might think. There are many factors that go into creating a website, such as design, marketing content, search engine optimization (SEO), functionality, and user interface.


Not so computer savvy? I have spent the hours researching, creating, playing, and editing websites with a variety of platforms, so now I can advise you, help you build your dream site, or even create it for you.


But your site is only the beginning of your brand! Once you are established, you need effective social media to back up your work, and help people find your site and your business.


Let me assist you in clarifying your ideas, crafting a brand that attracts your target market, and guide you in through the ins and outs of utilizing social media.


Packages are tailored to you, so please contact me for pricing and samples.

Offerings: Service
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