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A Love Letter to the Aware

Dear women, dear men, dear friends, who are questioning yourself, questioning how you fit into this world, seeking more awareness, seeking to break the samskara of ignorance, taking steps to the cycle of oppression, and endless suffering:

As they say ignorance is bliss, but you know this not to be true. Ignorance leaves us in an illusion of bliss, but real bliss is found inside truth, awareness, and righteous living.

I know, this process hurts. It hurts to realize, that what you have been given is a prviledge. It hurts to know that your position may be the cause of suffering to another. It hurts to sit with your own agony and trauma. It hurts even more to sit with the planet's pain and desperation.

I know it hurts to know that even though we have come so far, there is certainly more that we are still missing, and that in this ignorance, we are still contributing to the pain of another.

I know it hurts to know how you are causing pain, but not have the direction, clarity, or discipline to stop.

I know it hurts to observe others not practicing awareness, to witness their ignorance and misery, and to watch them continue harminng themselves by harming another, directly or indirectly.

So for each and everyone one of you, who are working to discover really what is true, I offer you all my love.

To the one who has uncovered what it really means to consume meat and dairy.

To the one who has investigated their privilege and place in their own society, and in global community.

To the one who uses the philosophy of non-violence for activism and protest.

To the one in silent meditation.

To the one who uses alternate transportation.

To the one who remembers love conquers fear.

To all working towards peace and unity, in your own unique way,

I salute you for taking the time and energy to look inside yourself.

I salute you for doing the work, experiencing the pain, frustration, and working towards personal change as a result of awareness.

I salute you for being the change,

and I thank you from the fullness of my heart.

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